Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Blue Crayon

Kaitlin loves to color!  I think she’d do it all day like its her job if I let her.


Sometimes she needs a little snack to help her get thru her project


Coloring is exhausting so sometimes you just have to put your feet up and relax


The other day, Kaitlin was being so quiet and coloring like a champ. After a while, I became suspicious …. and found she was EATING a crayon!! I freaked out! Thankfully, the wonderful people at Crayola make non toxic crayons so that was not an issue. She had used the crayon like a teething ring!


Poor girl loves her crayons but she especially loves the blue ones. She tried a 2nd day to sneak away with ANOTHER BLUE CRAYON to attempt to eat it but I was too smart for her tricks that day (first time for everything)! It’s always an adventure with Kaitlin!

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