Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grandparent Week

My parents spent their Spring Break in Northwest Arkansas last week. They helped me so much with everything from spring cleaning, decorating, party planning, and errand running. They watched Kaitlin on Tuesday for me to get some things done. I got my entire week’s worth of errands done in 3 hours. It is amazing what I was able to accomplish without getting a 2 year old in and out of her car seat 100 times. They also let Kory and I go out on DATES while they were here!

Gigi and Kaitlin were best buddies this week!


Dad taught Kaitlin a new fun game! Look how happy she is playing with Didi!


They got Kaitlin the Calico Critter house for Christmas but it didn’t fit in our car then so they brought it to us! She LOVES the house and they logged many many hours playing with the sweet dollhouse.


They got her the cutest wagon for her birthday and she has a blast testing out her new ride!


Gigi always has a few surprises for Kaitlin!


We did A LOT of hand washing! Gotta stay well for our birthday!


Kaitlin had been sick for 2 weeks prior and had not been very happy. This week made up for those sick weeks. She was so happy all week and loved every second of her grandparents. It melts my heart to see Kaitlin loving our family and it is such a neat bond seeing your parents love your children!

Thanks for a great week! You guys deserve a vacation from your vacation to see us! Come back soon! We love you!

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