Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Kaitlin has NEVER been a great sleeper and I thought for a while I would never sleep again! On Monday she was begging to go to bed before her bath. She takes a short nap much earlier at school on Mondays so she is always extra tired! I was giving her a bath and she kept crying “night night”. Kaitlin did not want to do her normal nightly routine. She was so happy once we put her in bed.


She woke up on the wrong side of the bed on Tuesday and slept for almost an hour at church while I was at Bible Study. She was knocked out in her little room with all the other kids yelling and crying. Mrs. Gail, her teacher, thinks she is growing or cutting teeth. Doesn’t she look so happy here…


I wasn’t sure she would nap at all after her little cat nap at church. Well she slept almost 5 hours! Longest nap she has ever taken!


I was worried she would not sleep last night but she slept like a champ. She has been super happy and very excited all day. We are blessed again with some spring weather so we have been playing outside. Guess sleeping beauty just needed a few extra hours of beauty sleep!


  1. Hi-
    I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I live in Nashville TN and we are big VOLs fans! My husband went to UTK for college and I went to UTM. I have a question for you, our builder painted our home an antique white. Our floorplan is very open and I would love to find a nice, warm neutral color to paint throughout. Your color looks really nice, would you mind sharing the color and brand of yours? We have painted our kiddos rooms and I would love to find a color to finish up. Thanks. Marci

  2. Hey Marci!So nice to "meet" you! I tried to email ya but gmail would not send it. The paint color is "Straw Hat" by Benjamin Moore. It was in the house when we bought it and I LOVE it. GO Vols!!!