Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Party Time!

Kaitlin just loves to go to Gymboree every week.  Kory & I decided months ago that instead of having a bunch of 2 year olds invade our house that this would be the perfect place to have Kaitlin’s 2nd birthday party.  She had a great time!


We were able to take some good pictures and spend time with everyone since Kaitlin had so many family members to watch her!  Kiki and her cousins Hayleigh and Hannah did a great job playing with her before everyone arrived.


Kaitlin loves the slide at Gymboree so much that we had to buy a play structure for her at home.  Kory had to give her the occasional direction at times too - I think he secretly had a lot of fun!


We’re starting Kaitlin’s recruitment video for Pat Summitt early …

Slam dunk!

Kaitlin missed a beat here on the “freeze dance” because she was so excited …


Kaitlin loves to play with the parachute.  She also likes to be the center of attention even more.  Her Daddy couldn’t quite stop her and I must admit the party leader improvised pretty well …

Center of Attention

She loves to dance with Gymbo the Clown.  She couldn’t wait to give him a hug.  She didn’t want the dancing to end!


Here, Kaitlin waits “patiently” for her birthday cupcake …


Her friends Neely & Ella Kate had to blow out the candle for her.  Unfortunately, all she wanted to do was grab the lit candle!


My friend Robin made these BEAUTIFUL cookies for Kaitlin’s party.  She does such an awesome job!  Her blog is linked in the right column:  “All About the Cookies”.


We couldn’t have asked for the party to go any better.  Thanks to all our family & friends for coming to celebrate with us.  Kaitlin had such a great day!


Happy birthday little girl!

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  1. I love her outfit - she is the best dressed little girl! I'm so sad we missed her party - but it looks like it was so fun!!!