Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A New Addition to Our Family

Colin’s first day was a busy one!  It all started with a 5:00 a.m. trip to the hospital.  By 1:06, ONE push was all it took, & honestly, he could’ve just shot right out without the help!  For the 2nd consecutive baby, the doctor was seconds away from missing the delivery and walked in just time to catch! (as a reminder, I only have 2 children so we’re 2 for 2)

Colin Day 1 026

These Shinlever kids sure do love to just to be born in a hurry!  Just like their Daddy & Aunt Gina (who drove 5 hours from Wichita just to be here)! Aunt Gina kept Kaitlin on Tuesday while Kory & I went to the hospital. Thanks to her, we were able to spend some quality time & have a really special day!

Colin Day 1 025Colin Day 1 030

We all wondered how months of preparing Kaitlin for the arrival of her little brother would turn out.  She immediately walked into the room and said, “Baby Colin!! Awwwee Cute!”  She was SO excited to finally meet him … but then, she quickly decided she’d rather play hide & seek with the curtain in the room!

Colin Day 1 032Colin Day 1 033

But, as you’d expect from a good big sister, she announced to everyone as they entered the room, “LOOK!  Baby Colin!”

Colin Day 1 036

Our little family of 3 has been blessed to be a family of 4!

Colin Day 1 037

Thanks to all of our friends who stopped to see Colin on his first day!


  1. Congrats!!! =) That baby needs some beautiful "Orange Goodness" to wear. Haha! Go vols! You have a beautiful family!

  2. So loved meeting Colin last night. We love you all.

  3. Amy you look so beautiful in these pics. Motherhood suits you! Congrats on your new arrival.