Sunday, March 11, 2012


We have been so blessed by family & friends during the first week with Colin.  First, Colin’s Aunt Gina came to see him and took care of Kaitlin for us while we were at the hospital.  We wouldn’t have been able to share such a special day together without her!

IMG_0812.JPG (2)Colin Day 1 030

We had a lot of friends from church come see Colin as well.  Vonda, Amber, Mary Avery & Erin all came to check on us Wednesday night along with the Johnson's.

Colin Day 1 042Colin Day 1 044

Then Tracy, Laurie, & Kelly stopped by with Hollis on Wednesday morning to visit!  All these girls and our whole Sunday School class are SO special to me!  They have been great friends & such a blessing ever since Kory & I moved to NWA 2 years ago.

Colin First Days 002

Once we got home from the hospital, my sister Rachel flew in from Nashville to visit for the weekend.  Colin just loves his cool Aunt!

IMG_3703Colin First Days 054

Finally, Kaitlin’s Kiki flew in last night to stay for the next couple of weeks with us.  They were already having a lot of fun vacuuming with the floor with her pal Simba!

Colin First Days 097

The last few days have definitely been tough but having such a wonderful family & great group of friends to help you makes a huge difference.  Thanks to all our friends for stopping by, expressing your love, & providing meals & to our family for driving & flying a lot of miles to help us!

Colin First Days 009

Kory, Kaitlin, Colin, & I really appreciate it!


  1. Great photos!! The little men all ready have a lot of friends!

  2. Looks like Colin is already loved so much :)