Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Fun

We had a wonderful weekend with a little baby excitement! I ended up in Labor and Delivery Friday night with contractions! It was a false alarm but exciting none the less! We were so luck to have our friend come stay with Kaitlin while we got checked out! God has blessed us with amazing friends that have helped out so much!


Kaitlin is so excited TN is the #2 seed in the SEC tournament! Go VOLS!! She thinks Tennessee is #1!


Supporting our team!!


Kaitlin was so funny and insisted on wearing pants with her cheerleading outfit! She has an opinion on every outfit and what color shoes and bow she needs to be wearing!


  1. where did you get her t-strap orange and white shoes? we have some orange & white polka dots like that, but they are the mary jane style-i love the t-strap!!!

    1. The brand is puddle jumpers!! I love them! They also do the mary jane style with all different colors! I got these at Baby Bundles at West Town in Knoxville but they have a internet site too!