Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sweet Faces

I know babies don’t smile at 11 days old but I sure love this little grin! These are all iPhone pics so they are not the best quality but I am so thankful to have caught these sweet moments on film.


Sending kisses from Arkansas! I know these newborns days are short and that he will be a big boy before I know it! I am soaking in the baby love.


Colin was quite disappointed that Peyton went to the Broncos and no the Titans but we can still cheer for him anyway!

IMG_0874.JPG (2)

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby! Sweet baby hands!

IMG_0875.JPG (2)

Colin lounging in the sun! Getting his vitamin D for the day! Sweet little smile from my little guy.

IMG_0848.JPG (2)

Teaching him early!! Touchdown Tennessee!

IMG_0845.JPG (2)

Can’t forget BIG Sister!! She found her Easter bonnet and you can tell she likes what she sees! Look at that pose!


Pictures may be blurry but this was too funny not to share!


  1. I adore sweet little baby faces!!!
    Nothing can melt your heart any quicker :)

  2. Cute little one! Congrats Amy! Thinking of you all! And if you come to town and need anything in Knoxville, let us know.