Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Animal Kingdom

We got to Animal Kingdom right at opening time 

AK ENTR 7082855200

We ate at Tusker House with Donal Duck!!! This was Kaitlin's fav meal all week

IMG 1255

Look at that smile 

IMG 1261

Colin loved this meal too despite his face

IMG 1273

Kory was wearing a Donal Duck shirt and Donald really liked it!!

IMG 1279


IMG 6953

Safari Mickey 

IMG 1285

Goofy was great 

IMG 1299

Colin loooved Goofy 

IMG 7051


IMG 7056

Colin loved Triceratops Spin ride!!! like Dumbo with dinosaurs

IMG 7108

We loved the Safari 

IMG 7116

IMG 7151

Dug and Russel from UP!!!! 


Kaitlin and Koyr rode Expedition Everest

AK EVRST4 7082945330

Kaitlin really surprised me this week and was so brave!! She rode everything and loved it! The faster the better!

IMG 1312

We ended the day watching the amazing Nemo musical!!!! 

We also met Pocahontas and she was so sweet!! 


Colin ended up getting sick and we had to make an emergency visit to the doctor!!! Amazingly they provided transportation to and from the clinic and delivered medicine to our hotel!!!! 

Very thankful for meds and for a fun day! 

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