Monday, November 10, 2014


We started our next day bright and early at Epcot 

EPCOT ECENTR4 7081501911


EPCOT ECENTR4 7081501910


EPCOT BACKSIDE 4 7081506973

We had early morning reservations with Belle in Norway 

EPCOT 132 7081513706

Kaitlin had the best time. The princesses were so sweet!

 IMG 7165

We headed to the Living Seas and the Nemo Ride. We could have stayed there for years!! 

IMG 1150

IMG 1158

We did Turtle Time with Crush 3 times!!! We love Crush and Kaitlin finally got to ask Crush his favorite color!! 

IMG 1146

I had Fastpasses for Test Track and was borderline if Kaitlin would even try the ride!!! This was one of her favorite things of the entire week!!! She loved the “fast car” and did it at least 5 times while we were there!

IMG 1182



Colin met his favorites Tigger and Pooh in the United Kingdom 

EPCOT WSUK 7081848721

We did the ride in the huge ball…  Spaceship Earth 

IMG 1237

We found Mulan 

EPCOT WSCHI 7082527484'

Blue Dress Belle in France 

EPCOT WSFRN 7081898431

We ate dinner in Mexico and got nachos and churros!!! A nice different meal 

IMG 1222

It was another great day and Kaitlin loved Epcot 

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