Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hollywood Studios

We opened Hollywood Studios  bright and early on Monday! 


We had breakfast at Hollywood and Vine and it was wonderful. Great characters and the food was great! 

IMG 9583

Colin loved all the Characters and had the best time 

IMG 7238

Colin loved Goofy 

STUDIO HAT1 7080234242

STUDIO HAT1 7080234235

Disney Junior Live on Stage was very popular with our crew

IMG 9972

Chip N Dale 

IMG 9700

Colin was amazed meeting Buzz and Woody 

IMG 0219

We did the Toy Story ride and it is so much fun 

IMG 0282

Hollywood Studios had the Wandering Oaken Trading Post so we picked up a few Frozen friends

IMG 0501

We saw the Frozen Sing a long show and Colin slept the entire time he kept sleeping so Kory and Kaitlin caught the Muppet 3-d movie  

IMG 6851

He woke up in time to see our favorite Monsters and grab some lunch at Pizza Planet 


Phineas and Ferb were so fun 


Kaitlin and Kory braved the Star Tours ride. They had so much fun they ran back in line and did it again 

IMG 0548

A little more Frozen fun at the Snow Wonderland 


We stayed at the park until closing and saw their fireworks show, Fantastic for the first time! It was a great show and we are so glad we stayed to see the fun! Colin loved the fireworks and had so much fun 

IMG 0929

IMG 0622

We had an extra fun day at Hollywood Studios 

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  1. Hey there,

    Just stopping by from Kelly's Korner & wanted to say that I love all of the family pics you took with the characters. It seems like everyone only takes pics of their kids with the characters. I think you guys will treasure all the family of 4 photos you took. They would be so cute framed as well.