Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Last Day Fun

Kaitlin and Kory had an amazing last day!! Colin was too sick to go to the park but this was a really fun day for these two 

MK MSBRCART 7083595093

They started with amazing breakfast at Gaston’s Tavern

IMG 1328

They had a lot of fun meeting Merida 


Kaitlin was a horse in Enchanted Tales with Belle

IMG 1354


This guard looks very familiar!!! he is such a good Dad!! 


Met Tiana 

MK THEGLADE 7083977778

Fast passed the new 7 dwarf mine train and looooooved it!!!! It was awesome and fast

IMG 1341

Saw the Castle Show 

IMG 1345

Rode all their favorite rides like Under the Sea and Winnie the Pooh’s ride 

IMG 1364

They had an early dinner at Crytal Palace and had so much fun and really liked the meal 

IMG 7240

I love this sweet hug!

IMG 1411

ice cream, a cookie and a brownie best day ever!!!

IMG 1392

They ended the very magical day back at Epcot riding Test Track one more time!!! A great way to end our amazing trip!

IMG 1417

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