Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday

We had such a fun day on Black Friday! It was really one of the best days this year! We went to the mall around 9 after all the craziness was over! There were lots of sales so we did some shopping and had so much fun! Kaitlin would stand in the store windows and attempt to get shoppers to wave! Lots smiled at her but very very few waved! We got an early lunch and and refuled for more shopping!!!
We went passed Santa's village and Kailtin was sooooooo excited! There was no line so we visited with him!
Poor Santa was not prepared at Colin's reaction to him! Colin is clearly not a fan!
We laughed and laughed at the pictures they took... Even the elves taking the pictures showed Santa our picture! It was so much fun!
Ray and Didi watched the kids and let Kory and I go on a date!

We went to an Italian resturaunt, Marcella's and it was amazing! I got fettuccini and meatballs ! It was so amazing food and a great date! Black Friday was the best Friday!


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