Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow weekend

It started snowing on Friday morning and they canceled school because of the snow threat! They never cancel school here so it was amazing they actually cancelled it! It felt like home canceling school before the snow even hit!
It snowed all Friday and Friday night. It was beautiful when we woke up Saturday morning.
Colin ready to play in the snow! Doesn't he look like the Hulk... Only way cuter!
He loved every second in the snow ! We have two dogs that live next door and Colin is obsessed with them. They came outside and Colin ran over to play with them falling several times along the way! The dogs were excited and stole Colin's glove. It was so funny and Colin just squealed with excitement.
Swinging in the snow
Kaitlin and Kory played and even built a huge snowman
Colin and I enjoying the warmth inside
Meet our snowman "Olaf" like the snowman from the movie Frozen.
We had a great night making Christmas Pasta and watching football.
Kaitlin fell asleep on Kory! Sweet girl was exhausted from all the snow activities. It was a great weekend of snow fun.


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