Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow day fun

We had another round of snow this weekend. It was really heavy wet snow and we got about 5-6 inches. It was great snowman making snow.
I had a gingerbread house hidden away to make on a snow day and Kaitlin was so excited to help. It was a great snow day activity.
I am less than crafty and was worried our house may be a little messy . Thankfully the house was already assembled so we just had to concentrate on the decorating the house. We had fun making different patterns and designs.
She had a great time and wants to build a gingerbread village next.
Not too shabby!
Colin was thrilled to see more snow and sat by the door until Kory dressed him and took him outside. He loved playing in the snow and was so tired after playing all morning.
Kaitlin and Kory built another snowman. They also did some fun sledding and snow soccer.
Kory and Kaitlin did some last minute shopping today and got Kaitlin's haircut. She looks so grown up in this picture. They looked at some of Kaitlin's favorite stores like the Disney store and the apple store, they even went to the "library"! This is what Kaitlin calls Barnes and Noble. They had a fun time together and Kaitlin loves the new bow they gave her.

We are expecting single digits temperatures tonight and snow. So we are enjoying the fire and some peppermint mochas! I love Christmas!



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  1. Beautiful tree, gingerbread house, snowman and last but not least, beautiful daughter with a cute haircut! Happy Holidays to your family from mine in Vermont!