Saturday, December 14, 2013

Letters to Santa

It’s amazing what technology can do now.  No more hand-writing letters & dropping them in the big red box at Macy’s anymore.  Kory downloaded an iPad app for Kaitlin to write a letter to Santa this year.  She had SO much fun writing it.  She really, really wanted to make sure that Santa didn’t forget what she wanted for Christmas!

DSC 0015

Kaitlin is always concerned about everyone else.  She routinely asks how was Colin’s day when he gets picked up from pre-K and always asks Kory “how was work?” when he gets home every night.  She applied the same sort of charm to Santa.  It’s also very funny to me how specific she can be when describing what she likes.  She doesn’t want Santa to bring the wrong present!

DSC 0017

Santa replied back within a couple of hours so Kaitlin is relieved to know he got her letter.  The USPS was never this fast!


  1. Too cute! & I'm sure her thoughtfulness is a testament to your parenting skills =) What a fun app! Although I'm old fashioned (and a writer) so I love writing letters and sending them to people via "snail mail." Merry Christmas!

  2. It is funny how times change. What a sweet letter. You are doing a great job raising her, and that is showing through.