Thursday, December 19, 2013

Poor Santa

We were at the mall at Black Friday and the line to see Santa was over a hour long! People looked not so full of Christmas cheer and kids were melting down left and right! We shopped and ate lunch and were heading to Macy’s for their doorbuster that ended at noon when we passed by Santa with no wait! Our kids were happy and Kaitlin was thrilled to go say “hi” so it was spontaneous visit to Santa! This is so not my style! We backed Colin into Santa hoping he wouldn’t notice a strange man was holding him. Santa’s face is my favorite. I also love Kaitlin’s face and that is is still smiling when Colin is upset.


TUTTL MALL 20131129 000010

Maybe next year Colin will tolerate Santa

TUTTL MALL 20131129 000009

Kaitlin could not get enough of Santa

TUTTL MALL 20131129 000013

I love this girl

TUTTL MALL 20131129 000014


Once we got Colin out of the way Kaitlin gave Santa very specific instructions for her wish list. She said she wanted the Princess Dream Castle with very tall dolls! Gotta love a girl who knows what she wants. She was also sweet and told Santa to not forget about Colin even though he was not sweet during his visit. 

TUTTL MALL 20131129 000012

 So Santa was a great memory and it was such a fun spontaneous visit. And we made it to Macy’s and had lots of success!

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