Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day trip to Dayton

Kory took Kaitlin to the NCAA tournament game yesterday! It was fun that Tennessee was playing so close to us! It was a short drive to Dayton and they were excited to see Tennessee in action.
They got some snacks and waited for the game to tipoff! It was a late game that didn't start till 9:10!
Loving being up way past her bedtime.
They had the best time and I know it will always be something Kory remembers forever
It was an amazing game and it actually went into overtime
Kaitlin loved seeing the cheerleader and Smokey. Her favorite part was cheering when they scored the basket.
Kaitlin fell asleep for about 20 minutes but she woke up in time to see Tennessee tie up the game and send it into overtime. She got to see Tennessee win!
Final score after overtime--- Tennessee wins
She slept on the way home and slept until 10 this morning!

I am so glad they got to see Tennessee win in such a fun game and close to home.


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