Monday, March 3, 2014

Frozen weekend

We had a lazy frozen weekend and it was perfect. Kaitlin was a little under the weather with a cough and a fever on Friday. It has been so hard trying to get her to rest and relax. She shared her germs with the rest of us so we have been trying to recover all weekend.
We got some snow so it was a perfect weekend to hibernate and try to relax.
Kory took over on Saturday and made me rest. He did an amazing job all weekend and was such a blessing ! He made snow cream with Kaitlin. She was a big fan.
Kory managed to entertain the kids while doing laundry and fixing dinner. It was very impressive and so appreciated. The kids had the best weekend even if they were a little under the weather.
We are ALL dreaming of summer just like Olaf!
We have been watching "Frozen"! It was nice to have a fun new movie to watch

Hopefully we will all be 100% very soon. We have a big birthday for a little boy this week!


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  1. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon. This weather is just crazy, isn't no wonder everyone is sick!