Wednesday, March 26, 2014


On our way back to Ohio we stopped at the Newport Aquarium! We wanted to do something fun fot Kaitlin's birthday and this was perfect! It was a huge place and it was crazy busy with spring breakers! We got tickets for the special Peguin Experince for Kory and Kailtin! They got behind the scene access with the peguins and had an amazing time!
They got to play with the peguins and Kaitlin asked tons of questions. And educated the group about the peguins from the show "Little Einsteins"! The peguins were very well behaved and one camped out at Kory's shin for at least five minutes. The peguins were ready to play and very friendly.
Kaitlin loved every second
Look at these cute little guys
And even got to pet them
Kaitlin loved this turtle.... He was 100 years old
Such a fun family day
Kaitlin was so proud that she was almost as tall as a shark
Kaitlin had the best time all day and taught so many people about the different animals!
It was an Experince we will always remember


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  1. What a great day. Lucky girl, penguins are the coolest :)