Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Party time

Kaitlin started planning her 5th birthday party around Christmas if not before. She wanted it to be in Tennessee so all her family could come! It was such a fun day and Kaitlin planned the entire thing! We had a princess and pirate pizza party. We had party games and a piñata. It was so fun to have our entire family together and to hear so much laughter in one place. Kaitlin's cousins are much older than she is but they were the best sports playing all the games. We are so blessed to have them.
Cole played with Colin all night. He is so good with him.
Kaitlin monitoring pin the Amulet on Sophia
Everyone got a turn
Sweet Cousins
Musical chairs Kaitlin took this very seriously
Strongest piñata ever it took a while to break it
Mamaw protecting herself during piñata time
Kaitlin and her perfect cake
Pirate cupcakes....Since it was a pirate party too!!!
Colin and his new car
Kaitlin and Mamaw

It was such a special day for Kaitlin. I know why she wanted this party now! It was such a rare thing for Kaitlin to have her whole family around and it was the best. It was a wonderful way to celebrate turning 5!


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