Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kindergarten roundup

Kaitlin had Kindergarten round up today ! She was so excited and had a wonderful time! Kaitlin was the most excited person in the building. She can't wait to go back. Unfortenly she has a long 6 months till she gets to go back!

They did speech, vision, and hearing screening and some basic letter and number recognition. Kaitlin said everything was her favorite! She really like listening for the beeps ( the hearing test)

Kaitlin was so confident and grown up today. She was kind and friendly. Preschool has been so wonderful for her this year and I am so thankful for such wonderful teachers.

Can't believe she is old enough for school!



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  1. Gosh, she's such a doll! Sounds like she loves school too. Let's hope she keeps that attitude for awhile!