Monday, February 13, 2012

Cozy Day

Well, Snowmaggedon 2012 was a slight bust.  4” predictions turned into 1” and some sleet & freezing rain on top.  Temperatures actually got above freezing most of the day so what little snow we did get has mostly melted.  That didn’t stop Kaitlin from having fun today.  She thinks she is SO funny with Face Time!


Poor Kaitlin didn’t get to go outside to make snow angels because by the time she got up from her nap she would’ve been making dirty snow / grass angels.  It didn’t stop her from practicing in the living room!


She did stay really warm inside the house today thanks to her cozy outfit that Mrs. Pat & Mr. Johnny gave her for Christmas.  Other than the snow, she was talking about the butterfly on her sweatshirt all day!


Uh oh – watch out Kory!! We are looking at Pottery Barn Kids catalogs and Kaitlin has GREAT taste!! You may not want any more snow!!

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  1. All of our snows this winter have been a bust! I would have really liked one good snow for my kiddos to have enjoyed. Oh well, maybe next winter.