Monday, February 6, 2012

Frosty Monday

It was extra cold this morning and we put on our warm coat before Kaitlin left for school!

February 2012 002

Kory reads to Kaitlin every night and puts her to bed! It is such a blessing and such sweet time for them to bond. Last night Kory kissed her goodnight and she kissed and said “Good Night Googly Bear”! Clearly we have watched Monsters INC 4oo times! It is so funny to see Kaitlin joke with us.

February 2012 004

I think she may be a meteorologist some day… she loves to report the weather and temperature when we leave the house! It is very cold and windy today and that was Kaitlin’s report.

February 2012 008

We had a wonderful weekend! Kory worked so hard this weekend moving our house around to clear out the baby room! This is HUGE progress! Still more work to do but we are on a way to having a functioning room for baby!

February 2012 044

Kory did take some time this weekend to play!!


Kaitlin had fun watching the commercials during the Super Bowl! She loved all the puppies and the Coke bears! She even would yell “Go team!” Funny girl!


She eventually got bored and watched her own shows!

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  1. Ha Ha- I don't blame her, football is kinda boring!
    Looks like major baby room progress. We need to do that around here so bad.