Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

Happy Leap Day!! We have a beautiful day here after some scary storms last night! Kaitlin and I were running errands this morning and we had so much fun!

IMG_0739.JPG (2)

Kaitlin loves stoplights and will say Green …go!! And gets a little upset when you have to stop..but she knows red light stop! Kaitlin is my little GPS she knows our way home and will tell me which way to turn!


Kaitlin told Kory to “look out GOAT” while we were out running errands this weekend! Kory was not convinced but Kaitlin was right and there was a goat running around in the road! Kory managed to get the goat out of the road and home safely! Kaitlin now looks for the goat everyday and calls out “ Goat where are you?” when we pass the goat! Kaitlin remembers everything!!


Hope you have a wonderful extra day of 2012!


  1. In your previous post it shows Kaitlin playing with CARS vehicles. They are larger than the standard die cast size & I was wondering where you found them.


    1. We actually found them at Walmart!!! Kaitlin loves them and they are great for little hands! Happy Friday!!