Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Under the weather

Poor Kaitlin has been running a little fever all week! No other symptoms just a fever! She has been kinda grumpy and extra clingy. She wants to sit on me most of the day and gets frustrated that my lap is running out of room!  We have had a pajama week so far! Trying to get my girl back to feeling better!


Today we played “cards”! And by cards I mean make a huge mess and then attempt to clean it up at 9 months pregnant! No picture of the clean up!

IMG_0682.JPG (2)IMG_0683.JPG (2)

Kaitlin’s FAVORITE thing of all is her blanket or “pink blankie” as she is calling it these days! It had to be washed today and she waited by the dryer until it was finished! She rescued it and has not let it out of sight since!

IMG_0693.JPG (2)IMG_0674.JPG (2)IMG_0672

Hoping she will feel better in the next few days! We are snuggled up watching “the puppy movie” Lady and the Tramp and “birdie movie” Rio is up next!

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  1. Bless her heart, hope she starts feeling better very soon!