Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kaitlin’s Valentine

It is so neat to see the special bond Kaitlin and her Daddy have… it is a very special relationship!

February 2012 p2 001

They are buddies and have very specific routines!

February 2012 p2 002

He puts her to bed every night and she wants nothing to do with me!! He is way more fun and knows how to do everything just right!

February 2012 p2 004

This shirt says it all and I think she is crazy about him!

February 2012 p2 008

Kaitlin even uses him as her personal jungle gym!


They go on Daddy Daughter dates and have so much fun!!


Kaitlin wanted to say “I U” to her Valentine!!


  1. Ahhh how sweet! Nothing like a daddy/daughter bond. I'll always be my daddy's little girl.