Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fun

Kaitlin went to school yesterday after our 10 day cough!! She was so excited to be back at school and almost jumped out of the carpool line! This was her outfit yesterday.. no sure if they are just shorter pants, capris, or if she has grown again and I need to buy bigger pants!


Capris or too short… can’t decide??


Kaitlin is very aware of “boo boo’s” now! Not sure where she picked up on this but she kisses her stuffed animals and rocks them after they “get boo boo’s”!


Her favorite game is hide/seek!! And now she will demand “me hide” or “dada hide”! This was her hiding spot last night.. we may be a better finder than hider!


Kaitlin loves to snuggle right on top of you!  She does not believe in personal space and loves to sit on you! My favorite thing she does is come up and hold your hand for no reason! It melts my heart every time! She loves her Daddy and is always so excited for him to come home!


This is Kaitlin’s Snow White gear! She had the dress off so fast I could not even get a picture!


Kaitlin then watched “Snow White” She loved all the animals in the forest and did not move for a good 20 minutes! She loves animals these days and will describe them as either of baby animal or a mama animal! Then she will say they are “toot” ( translation cute)! It is so fun to see her expand her knowledge base and more open to her surroundings!


Kaitlin has excellent balance just like her Aunt Ray and can stand on one foot no problem! She also can balance on NO FEET!! Where does she learn this stuff!


Happy Friday from my little gymnast!

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  1. Awww she's so darling! It's so fun to watch them grow :)