Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby Love

We are busy busy around here so it has been so nice to snap pictures on my phone! I have caught some cute moments!

Colin is just amazed by his big sister and this was a sweet moment watching Kaitlin dance!


Kaitlin had Earth Day celebrations this week at school! She was ready to get dirty planting some flowers!


Baby Colin is growing out of some of his clothes which is a great sign of a healthy baby but it is sad to see him getting big so fast! He is not chunky in the arms or legs but he is really long and his toes are poking out of his smaller sleepers! So So thankful for a growing boy!


Sweet Boy looks great in orange!!

April 2012 003

I love a cute sleeper with doggie feet and bootie!!

April 2012 002April 2012 004April 2012 040


It is amazing how much you forget about the first few months of having a newborn ! I had totally forgotten how many outfits babies wear everyday! And how crazy each brand of clothing fits so differently! It is a new learning curve with a boy but it is so much fun!


  1. You have a beautiful family! My youngest is 2 and starting to become so independent, its bittersweet, at times I want to turn back the clock to where he was my quiet little baby who loved to cuddle with mama! Everyone says it, and its true, savor every minute because it goes so fast! :)

  2. What gorgeous pictures! I bet you all are staying super busy :)