Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break

Rachel and Didi came to Arkansas for their spring break! It was a very special week and I was so thankful for them to be here! I got so much done with their help and even got a few naps!

Aunt Ray and her BFF!! They read a lot of books!

April 2012 082

Lots of snuggles with Colin

IMG_1085.JPG (2)

Singing with Kaitlin

April 2012 055

More Colin time!

IMG_1069April 2012 015April 2012 034

Aunt Ray hide Easter Eggs for hours and hours!

April 2012 035April 2012 038April 2012 048

Kory and I got to go on a date for our 7th Anniversary!

April 2012 030

They gave Kaitlin her birthday present and she loved it!

April 2012 026

She would bounce all the time if we let her!

April 2012 024

It was a wonderful week and we can’t wait for them to come back soon!


  1. Sounds amazing! Glad you all got to celebrate your Anniversary.

  2. Apparently, I wear a lot of pink!