Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Month

Totally late with Colin’s one moth post! Colin turned one month old on April 6th!

Colin you were 9 pounds 3 ounces at his one moth checkup and 21.5 inches! You are in the 50th percentile and growing so much everyday! You were in the 5th percentile at your 3 day checkup so we are so happy to see you gaining weight!

You have had an exciting first month and you have been a trooper! You already have been on your 1st car trip and have almost met your entire extended family.

You are getting up every 3 hours no matter what and you want to eat THEN! You are like a clock waking up every 3 hour on the dot!

You love to lay on you back and kick! It is your favorite thing to do and when you get fussy that is the first thing we do to make you happy! You love the swing just like your sister did! That is the only similarity the two of you share! You will tolerate being swaddled, sleeping in the pack n play, and you take a pacifier! Things your sister NEVER did!

You fall asleep in the car every time and you are in the car a lot with all your sister’s activities!


April 2012 p2 025

So my two cuties both at one month old! They could not be more different! Kaitlin on the left and Colin on the right!

029April 2012 089010IMG_1137

6-8 Weeks 024IMG_1015.JPG (2)

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  1. They really favor as far as facial features!!!
    He's such a handsome fella :)