Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday Party

Kaitlin had an amazing birthday party at The Little Gym this weekend!

The balance beam was her favorite station and I was very impressed at her balance and grace! She probably walked the beam 25 times or more during the party! Training for the Olympics may start any day!

Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday 011

Kaitlin dunking the ball! Coach Pat Summit would be so proud!

Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday 033

The party was wonderful and Kory has decided to never have a party at our house again! It was so nice to show up to the with cupcakes and not worry about anything!

Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday 051

They had everyone  introduce themselves at the party and the birthday girl proudly announced herself as “Kaitlin Grace.” It was so precious! I’d never heard her say her first & middle name together.

Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday 101

Kaitlin and her Daddy on the rings!

Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday 135

The bouncy thing was a huge hit!

Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday 149

Kaitlin had a great time and has talked about it all night!

Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday 156Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday 174

My friend ( made the cutest cookies and Kaitlin was thrilled that all her favorite animals were at the party! They were so delicious and adorable!!

Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday 007Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday 183Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday 184

The party room was so quiet once the cupcakes and cookies were served!

I cant believe we just had a party celebrating 3 years of Kaitlin! Time is going by way too fast!

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  1. Aww...Happy 3rd birthday to Kaitlin! Glad she had such a wonderful party. That looks like such a fun place for the kiddos :)