Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kaitlin and Jake

Kaitlin says the funniest things these days and her imagination is growing more and more! She plays “Jake and the Never land Pirates”with Kory and they hunt for buried treasure!She calls herself Izzy,the girl on the Disney cartoon, and refers to Kory as Jake! Here she is searching for “treasure”!

April 2012 020

Kaitlin LOVES animals and can name almost every kind out there! We were at an office that had oceans paintings and Kaitlin named them all correctly. There was a huge black and white whale that I referred to as a “killer whale” Kaitlin corrected me and let me know it was an orca!

April 2012 p2 002

We have been strolling in the neighborhood and Kaitlin loves to play the game “red-light- green light” with us!

April 2012 077

We had some rain last week and were trying to explain to Kaitlin that it was wet outside so she requested a paper towel! She was quite disappointed when that was not the quick fix she was hoping for! She is such a funny funny girl!

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